Wednesday, October 13, 2004

TheLinuxShow digest, Vol 1 #212 - 1 msg

Subject: TheLinuxShow digest, Vol 1 #212 - 1 msg
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 12:00:10 -0500

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1. Re: about TLS (Jeff Gerhardt (TLS))


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:40:37 -0500
From: "Jeff Gerhardt (TLS)" <>
Subject: Re: [Thelinuxshow] about TLS

Hey folks, do not judge Dave Farning harshly. if you skip the religious
comparisons, most of his comments were about "style." Everything he has
said we have said to ourselves at one time or another; sometimes weekly.

His comments were very constructive when you look at them as a whole.
It is a legitimate picture of TLS. Further he has a right to his
opinions, that is what being a part of a family/community like tls is
all about. Families disagree and fight with regularity, but at the end
of the day they care about each others lives. If you guys could only
witness Arne and I when we have had a couple drinks and the conversation
invariably turns to politics. You would be hard pressed to find two
people as diametrically divergent as Arne and I when it comes to
American Politics. We scream at each other and turn red (or blue) in
the face. But at the end of the day we do recognize the importance that
every individual plays in a community like ours. In other words we are
as brothers.

It has been a risk to keep the production values low, and although those
values are much higher than the first several years on the air, we
still, push them down in large part to add to the sitting around a pub
table feel to the show. The thing with Doc is unavoidable, he is a busy
gut and frankly, we are damned lucky to have a guy like Doc willing to
spend as much time as he takes out of his busy schedule. If you would
have told me back in 1999 when Doc first started calling in occasionally
that 6 years later he was going to set aside 45 hours a year for the
next 6 years I would have asked what kind of drug were you taking? It
is a privilege and we will take Doc in any way we can.

Although Dave did not talk about Eric, his participation has changed our
style a great deal. It has gotten us pushed into the OS side of the OS
v FOSS debate. For most of us on TLS this has been OK as a side effect,
because most of us are already on that side of the debate intellectually.

It is on the record that I think the GPL is a remarkable document and in
a perfect world could be a single model solution to software
development. But we are in a real world and not a perfect one. The
work that people have done on the commercial side (whether we admit it
or not) has saved Linux on more than one occasion. So reaching out and
accepting alternative open source licensing schemes has been an
important thing (in my opinion) during the evolution of the community.

I have to admit that it was a risk letting Eric Raymond have free and
unlimited access to the show; but we did so because whether you agree
with him on a specific issue or not, he is filled with an enormous
amount of information. Eric and I agree on lots of things and perhaps
that is why I encouraged him to join us when he can. But, we do not
agree on everything. If you do not know Eric personally and understand
Eric being Eric, it could become impossible to do something like we have
done as it would invite conflict. Eric is a straight shooter who says
exactly what he believes. He apologizes for no opinion, and frankly why
should he, political correctness is bullshit.

So, OK so it is a shock to the system the first time or two it happens
to be told by Eric that you are 100% wrong about something because of

You could react by fighting back or you could react by sitting back and
listening. I find that the majority of the people in our community are
very smart people and so it is a good idea to take the path of
listening; as I do with Eric. Most of the time you learn something even
if you still do not agree with them.

Some of these "style" issues fall to what we were trying to create with
TLS in the first place. We wanted a comfortable place where everyone
could express their opinions (even if they are wrong) freely.

Non of these issues of style though have any connection to the attacks I
have been getting other than some of them may be motivating factors.
These attacks are on a very personal level and I am sure that is why
they have their strongest focus on trying to hurt my business.

Jeff Gerhardt- co-host of The Linux Show
The Consummate Linux and Open Source/Technology Web Cast!


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