Thursday, October 14, 2004

TheLinuxShow digest, Vol 1 #213 - 3 msgs

Subject: TheLinuxShow digest, Vol 1 #213 - 3 msgs
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 12:00:11 -0500

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Today's Topics:

1. Re: about TLS (David Farning)
2. Re: about TLS (Curt Howland)
3. Why I listen to THS--trust? (David Farning)


Message: 1
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:16:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Farning <>
Subject: Re: [Thelinuxshow] about TLS

"Jeff Gerhardt (TLS)" <> wrote:

Hey folks, do not judge Dave Farning harshly. if you
skip the religious
comparisons, most of his comments were about "style."
Everything he has
said we have said to ourselves at one time or another;
sometimes weekly.

I apology for the religious analogy. Maybe a Wizard of
Oz analogy would have been better. There will always
be those who want to open the curtains and those who
want the curtain left in place. I was not intending
to make a religious statement just a historical
example of groups that have a vested interest in
removing/retaining the status of the curtain.

I sounds like we strongly agree on the fact the
families fight and thats OK.

How to get Doc, on the cheap. What you are
doing works. But I am afraid that advertisers will be
looking for something a bit more formal. For another
poor analogy. Sitting at home coding, I usually were
shorts and a tshirt. At a job interview I tend to
where suits. TLS is struggling to do both at the same
time. To us listeners, we are saying I'll code/listen
naked if I what to. but, ad buyers are likely
listening while sitting in their cubicles muttering to
themselves about the lack of 'sex, drugs, rock and
roll.' while looking for product placement

BTW I noticed that you don't have the archives for the
latest expo up. If you need some one to go through
and clean them up. I Think I can figure out how to
remove the dead space and splice segments.

Dave Farning


Message: 2
From: Curt Howland <>
Organization: Acolytes of the Goddess Priss
Subject: Re: [Thelinuxshow] about TLS
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 14:16:57 -0400

Mr. Farning also points out that he "Love[s] the show, haven't missed
an episode in over two years."

Different things attract different people. I find the eternal Quest
for Doc to be a wonderful ongoing sub-plot. Unlike contrived plot
devices, this one is real. That makes it all the more interesting me.
And if it ever gets actually annoying, for Doc or any of the other
principles, it will change. It *can* change because TLS is
individuals coming together because they want to.

There are lots of little ways (VoIP is one example) to reduce the
bills without limiting the spontaneity that, as you say, makes this a
show of individuals instead of a slick robotic packaged pointlessness
no matter how professionally done.


On Wednesday 13 October 2004 11:08, Robert M. Stockmann was heard to
> Hey thats what makes the TLS special. You even have proof that one
> is listening to a _real_ live casting. People chit-chat about the
> wheather, thats as simple as it gets. And thats how the TLS rises
> above other, cold-hearted, cash-in here dudes, shows.

September 11th, 2001
The proudest day for gun control and central
planning advocates in American history


Message: 3
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 23:23:36 -0500
From: David Farning <>
Subject: [Thelinuxshow] Why I listen to THS--trust?

I was thinking a lot about TLS today after jeff mentioned his
frustrations running the show both financially and personally.

I was thinking about why I spend 90+ minutes per week listening to the
show. The answer comes down to TRUST.

1. I trust the the show will be interesting. Between the panelist and
guests, rarely is a show boring. Some bits I could do
without but over all interesting.

2. I trust the panels choice in stories. Because of the vast amount of
information coming across my desk, the selection process
of what get read is pretty harsh. I rarely go to information sites
anymore. Instead, I glance through my rss feeds. If the article doesn't
make the cut within the first couple of lines it doesn't get read. I
just skip to the next one. I've noticed that while listening to TLS,
of it's linear nature, I tend to stick with an story. I've developed a
trust that if the panelists feel the piece is interesting or significant
then I too will likely get something from it. When I stared listening,
I would listen during my commute. Now, I like to be sitting in
front of my computer so I can follow the article links.

3. I trust the panel not to engage in vendor sports. I've gotten the
feeling that the panel is above vendor sports, distro sports, gui sport....
Those sports are a waste of everyones time. Maybe someone can start a
few new worthwhile sports; my distro has the fewest freaky idiosyncrasies,
or my distro has the most cross compatible tool chain.... (better back
off I feel a rant coming)

4. I trust the panel not to pander. How many times have we see the
media back off from some story because of some special interest such as
fear of offending
a big advertiser or conflict of interest with a parent company? You
boys are willing to piss anyone off. Probably not the not the most
fiscally sound
tactic but, at least I know you aren't going to pull any punches.

I have no idea how you sell trust to advertisers to pay the bills but
Good Luck.
David Farning


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